Dublin Flea Christmas Market  – 2018 Application Process


***Late applications now only***

  1. Overview
  2. Completing the Application Form
  3. Self Selecting your stall tier
  4. The application process next steps
  5. The application form

1. Overview

Thanks for considering an application to this years Dublin Flea Christmas Market.

Date and Location

The four-day market will take place in the Point Square shopping centre, Dublin 1, over two weekends:

  • Thursday 6th of December to Sunday 9th of December
  • Thursday 13th of December to Sunday 16th of December

What we’re about

The Market is a non-profit driven social enterprise. Our goal is to nurture and support creative Irish start-ups and small creative Irish enterprise. We curate the applications process, and select only the those stalls which offer the best fit for the Market.

We are also keen on environmental sustainability, which means we look to reduce our to-landfill waste footprint, and seek to avoid single use plastic.

Limited stall spaces

Due to over subscription and limited stall spaces, we are unfortunately not able to offer everybody the opportunity to trade to that we would like. This also applies to traders who have successfully traded with us before: previous participation does not guarantee a stall offer this year.

Tiered stall fees

We are committed to keeping stall prices accessible however we think it is a fairer not to have a one size fits all system as some traders are only starting off and some are more established. This year there is a tiered system of stall fees.

Each tier has a limited number of places allocated. We will be selecting stalls per category.

To help you understand which category applies to you please read the guide located here on the help page below.

Application Window – late apps only now

The form was open from Friday 20th of July to Thursday 9th of August (at 10pm). After the form closes on August 9th, any stall enquiries will be considered late applications.

As of August 21st, the form now open below is for late applications. Late applications may be considered for cancellation spaces as they arise.

Once we receive your late application, we will have it on file for consideration. We will only get in touch in the event that we wish to offer you a cancellation spot – otherwise you will likely not hear from us.


2. Completing the Application Form

§1 Contact Details

Your name, mobile, email address and confirmation.


§2 About your stall

2a Trading Name

Your trading name will be your stall name. This would be used in any marketing or promotional materials created by the Market.

2b – 2f Urls

This section is if you have links to your own website, facebook page, twitter feed, instagram account, etc. Please include the http:// part of the url. Thanks

2g Your Stall Origins

It is important to the Market to support creative Irish start-ups and small creative independent enterprise. So, with this in mind we’d like to hear about the origins of your project and the origins of what you offer on your stall. This helps us to get the balance right across all the stalls in the market.

2h Stall Descriptor

You are choosing one category which best describes what kind of stall offering you have.

2i Stall Items

Your stall might have a variety of items, which could fit under multiple categories. Please let us know.

2j Describe your stall items

This is your opportunity to describe in words what you want to sell at the market.

2k Price Range

Please indicate here the price range of the items on your stall.

2l Images

Images of your produce and items is the best way to describe what you propose to sell. If you are emailing in your images, please send them to admin@dublinchristmasflea.ie.


§3 You and your Business

This section allows us to learn some more about you and find out where you would fit in the market.


§4 If you are successful

This section has six questions we ask about your readiness to take part in the market:

  1. Who is manning your stall?
  2. Are you ready to have a profile page on here: http://dublinchristmasflea.ie/market/
  3. Will you be ready to answer our Impact & Learning survey?
  4. Are you willing to help promote the market?
  5. Do you have high resolution images of your produce to offer?
  6. Can you be environmentally friendly, particularly with your packaging?

3. Self Selecting your stall tier

The three application tiers that you are required to apply under are self-assessed. Please refer below to help you select the one category which you fit into best.

There is an allocation of a set number of stalls for each category, and the Entry Level (The Start-up) category is strictly limited in numbers. So, there are more opportunities to be offered a stall for Emerging Level and Established Level tier applications.

Entry Level – THE START-UP – €300 (incl. VAT)
You have started your business in the last 15 months. You are seeking to test an idea in early stages. You are relatively new to the world of craft / collecting and market trading.

Emerging Level – SOLE TRADER – €400 (incl. VAT)
You work alone as a sole trader and employ no permanent staff. You have been working on your product a few years now, and seeking an opportunity to make your year’s work fruitful and worthwhile.

The Established Level – THE SMALL ENTERPRISE – €550 (incl. VAT)
You have been running your business for a number of years and employ you employ 2-7 part-time or permanent staff. You are looking to bring your product to new audiences before taking the next step to become a medium enterprise.

As the Dublin Flea Christmas Market is committed to working with start-ups and small creative enterprise, if your business is a medium enterprise unfortunately we are not able to accommodate you.


4. The application process next steps

recaptch imagechallenge1Once you have submitted your application form you will receive an automatic reply confirming that our system has received it. If this confirmation doesn’t land in your inbox, try looking in your spam folder or in your junk mail (it’s an automagic email by Google Forms).

You will get a confirmation response, and a link to edit the submission that you have made.

Take care to verify through the Recaptcha, which is checking that you are not a robot.

If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours please submit your form again (we recommend you keep your answers on a word doc for reference).

If you still do not receive any confirmation please email us at admin@dublinchristmasflea.ie.


Once applications close we will take three weeks to process all entries. You will then receive an email informing you whether you have been successful or not, by the end of August.

Stall offers

If you are successful in your application, you will receive an email offering you a stall spot. We require that you then fill in the confirmation form within the following 6 days. If we do not receive a confirmation within the allocated time we will move to offer your spot to another trader so please keep an eye on your email.

Late Applications

If your submission is a late application, there is no set future date that we will respond back to you by. As cancellation spots arise, we will consider possible stallholders for these stall positions.


When you are finished, and you have submitted, scroll back up to the top and check that the form says ‘Submitted’

5. The application form

This form has five pages to it. If you complete all five pages, the last button is Submit.

If you are finished, and you have submitted, scroll back up to the top, to check.

You’re not finished till you see this response:

Screenshot 2018-10-30 at 17.07.20

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