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Apply to the 2017 Dublin Flea Christmas Market

Details about the market this year

The market takes place over Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th of December (four days over the second weekend in the month), at the Point Square shopping centre, Dublin 1.

Last year 2016 we traded for three days and hosted over 28,000 visitors to the market.

This year Dublin City Council are again on board as a sponsor, and are promoting our market as one of Dublin’s official christmas markets. We expect to be hosting more visitor footfall than last year.

Stall fee

In 2016, the stall fee was €250.

This year we have an additional day of trading, and other cost considerations, so right now we are currently working on our budget.  The stall fee will likely increase. However, a key feature of the market is that it is accessible to our stallholders, and we remain committed to this.

The second weekend

We are always the second weekend in December. This year, due to the way the weeks fall, the RDS Craft fair (which runs on the first week of the month) now falls on the same weekend. This is unfortunate, and we understand that this may be a challenge for some of our applicants.


Application Dates – ** CLOSED **

This application form (below) was open for three weeks from Monday 18th of September to Sunday 8th of October.

It is now closed for applications.

If you are interested in submitting details for a late application, for possible cancellation spots, then please continue below.


The Applications Process – what to expect

Making your application

The Christmas Flea Market curates a broad variety of stalls. We are looking for Irish contemporary design, hand-made craft, art, books, antiques, collectibles, retro, vintage, furniture, clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and music (including vinyl).

The applications are always over-subscribed, and unfortunately we have to turn down many great stalls each year. We generally receive over twice as many applications as we have stalls to offer.

If your application is lacking detail, it will not help us to understand what your stall is, and will likely not stand out amongst the applicants. So please paint a picture of you and your stall so that we can see how it will add something special to the market.

Sending your images

Please include images of your stall and / or products. This greatly helps us to understand what you will bring to the market. Ideally you can send us a link to an open drive share, or you can send them as attachments to


Stall offers

Offers and confirmations

Offers of stall spots will be made during the week beginning Monday 9th of October. There will be a window of one week to reply back with an acceptance of a stall offer (to Monday 16th of October).

Four days

We only offer stalls for the full four days of the market. We do not offer any stall spots for individual days.

editelias-8141Stall size and details

Your stall space will approx. 8 ft x 6 ft (2.5m x 1.8m) (width x depth). We are aware that some of you will require less space, and that some of you will require a bit more. The layout of the venue affords us to be able to accommodate everyone, and we have made stall offers being aware of how much space you need.

We will provide one 6ft trestle table per stall. Please do make sure that you have some tablecloth to cover this table and make your display lovely. You will need to bring your own chair if you want one. If you want a clothes rail, you’ll have to bring this along yourself. You will also have a power supply socket within 15m of your stall.


Late applications

After Monday 2nd of October, the form will remain open to late applications. Late applications may be considered for cancellation spots, if and when they arise.



If you have any questions, drop us a line

The Application Form ** NOW CLOSED**

This application form is now closed, and is only taking details of late applicants.