Dublin Herb Bike

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Herb Bike Dublin stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketDublin Herb bike is a new initiative offering herbal medicines via our mobile street clinic to people in homelessness and other disenfranchised communities.  This is a free service and to continue we need your support. We will be selling hand made balms, salves and other healing offerings for you and your loved ones this Christmas. All our products are made using natural ingredients.

The Dublin Herb Bike started out at the Apollo House, Home Sweet Home campaign. Members of the Wellness team came together after seeing the need for more holistic based health care to be on offer to people who may not be able to avail of it easily. We can offer this by doing lots of fundraising!

Anything that you buy here you are directly helping us help those that need it most at this time of year!

website | herbbus.org


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