Dublin Honey Project

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Dublin Honey Project at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketInspired by Nature, Craft and Tradition The Dublin Honey Projects aim is through working with Native Irish Black Bees to produce Raw Honey from each of the postcodes of the city in addition to showing the range of flavours available from our city and suburbs.

We, Kieran and Gearóid ,share a belief in the importance of provenance in food, in supporting biodiversity and in local food production.

We understand the role of food producers as educators and in raising awareness of the plight the humble bee, the world’s most important pollinator. As well as realising the extraordinary benefits of this amazing food and the value of this ancient indigenous craft we are tail to snout beekeepers and harvest wax, propolis and pollen in addition to honey.

Urban honey is highly prized for its flavour as the nectar is sourced from a significantly broader range of plants than its rural equivalent. Dublin’s temperate climate and it’s citizens love of gardening provides amazing diversity of nectars for bees to forage from.

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