Hungry Crow

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Hungry Crow chocolate stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas Market“What you choose to eat can be an act of revolution.”

Hungry Crow (Niamh O’Reilly) is a food alchemist who creates guilt-free chocolates. Her aim is to rid the island of Ireland of guilt, one chocolate at a time.

Hungry Crow chocolates combine nutrient dense ingredients (no empty calories here!) to create mind-blowing taste sensations. Bite into one and you’d never think it could be good for you.

Hungry Crow’s menu includes 85% cacao-chocolate-covered Medjool dates (with a smorgasbord of fillings), and a cornucopia of chocolates, pralines and truffles that are as vegan friendly as they are delectable and downright flirtatious and seductive.

Hungry Crow accept no responsibility for stocking fillers consumed by stocking fillees before Xmas!




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