Kaïkø Studïø

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Kaki Studïø stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketKaïkø |noun Sea with strong current

Kaïkø Studïø was founded in 2016 by Wicklow-based couple Linda & Maciej.

Linda started her own company soon after graduating as an Interior Architect. Showing her natural flare for structure and texture, Linda’s first instincts were to experiment with everything from industrial concrete and reclaimed wood to resin, brass and more.
Maciej, previously a foreman for Concrete Specialist in Alaska, quickly joined in contributing both his skills in the engineering and setting of concrete, and further in planning and measuring, helping to perfect the execution of these unique designs.

Providing the backdrop to the visions of Kaïkø Studïø are the Wicklow hills and coastline. For Linda and Maciej, art, beauty and structure are everywhere to be found. And it clearly shows in the range of works constantly being developed by Kaïkø Studïø. The botanical and the organic in harmony with the architectural and the geometrical, combining to invoke images of molten rock and lava, flowing metal, now cool and set, the delicate wildflowers and plants of Ireland, the sea-glass, solid concrete in seemingly fragile shell-like structures adorned with gold, flashes of sunlight, shimmering copper and brass, botanical jewellery, microcosms of nature distilled in resin, time-capsules and miniature museums of mother nature herself!

Earthy, rustic and fresh and all crowned with a reserved yet striking colour palette, the creations of Kaïkø Studïø offer geometric and organic treasures that will enrich and enhance both contemporary and vintage spaces alike.

price range | €5 – €300
website | kaikostudio.com/
twitter |@StudioKaiko


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