karoArt * the clay fable

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KaroArt stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketKaro is Dublin based ceramicist who makes a vast range of ceramics that she calls ‘ usable art’.

Her pieces, made of high quality porcelain and stoneware clays are meant for daily use and are meant to last. Her style pairs basic forms and blocks of colour with illustrative decorations of whimsical and naïve quality.

There is a certain narrative to Karo’s work that is hugely inspired by fables, myths, and magical realism. Her pieces have a spark of magic and connect the real and the imaginary worlds.

Her work is often slightly imperfect, wonky, the pencil drawings ragged and hasty, leaving no doubt that each piece is made by hand with some of the emotions and characteristics of the maker transferred onto clay in the process.

price range | €9 – €119
website | karoart.eu



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