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People & Projects stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketPeople & Projects is a shared design studio on Francis Street in Dublin 8, and an initiative created by product designer Ian Walton to explore new ways of working and collaborating in design. Two design brands, NTN and OTHERS have been created within this new format.

NTN is a design brand focused on the idea of “Time and Space”. The 2018 collection is a range of tactile, material objects which encourage time well spent. Time with others, time to think, time to converse, time to slow down, time to just be. Objects in the collection include watches, candles, clocks and pens, all designed and hand built in Dublin.

OTHERS is an experiment in surfing and design. A collaboration between product designers Eoin McNally and Ian Walton the micro brand has evolved to include several strands of investigation into surf and outdoor objects. The first product from OTHERS is “Woods to Waves” Organic Surf Wax, a fully Irish, traceable and hand made alternative to petroleum based surf wax.

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