Rowena Sheen Jewellery

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Rowena Sheen jewellery stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketThis collection developed out of a desire to produce a range of striking contemporary jewellery using locally and responsibly sourced materials, combining hand craft with laser technology. This marrying of nature and technology is reflected visually in each piece, which is derived from the geometry inherent in natural forms.

In this collection Rowena has used air-dried wood from the Yew tree, a species native to Ireland and one of the hardest of the Irish woods, with a fine smooth grain. Beginning with raw tree trunks, the wood is brought through a number of processes before it can be laser cut, sanded, buffed, ebonised and assembled using sterling silver findings. Finally, each piece is finished with a polish made from Burren wildflower beeswax, sealing and protecting the wood and enhancing the colour and the grain.

price range | €20 – €60

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