The Bag Trader

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The Bag Trader stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas MarketThe Bag Trader is the latest incarnation for Sue Kenney. Sue has been a trader since the 1970s. Originally specializing in Victorian and Edwardian vintage clothing and trading it the famous Portobello Road in London. However, having the desire to travel, she left her native home in England and travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and America, sourcing and trading merchandise along the way to fund her adventures and enabling her to continue her journey. Finally choosing to settle and make her home in Dublin.

Her decades of experience have given her an expertise in sourcing quality products and it is a point of pride that she always travels to source her merchandise in person, ensuring its quality and satisfying herself that ethical standards are met.

Sue offers an extensive range of Italian crafted Italian leather bags, in a myriad of styles. The colours are particularly striking, contemporary and sophisticated. The personal attention given to the venture continues in her insistence to offer her merchandise at the most reasonable prices possible, trusting that a great product will always sells itself. A refreshingly simple maxim in a complicated time.

price range | €10 – €120


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