The Dirt Bird

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The Dirt Bird stall at the Dublin Flea Christmas Market 1024*512

Tacky. Dirty. Kitschy. Filthy. Cute. Pretty. Ugly. Witty. Pathetic. OMG Gas.
If like me, you’re a little bit obsessed by the joys of life such as spicebags, dark humour, a little bit of slap n’ tickle or the occasional obsession with Irish “celebrities” then you might, just might, enjoy my collection of merch! You could find the perfect affordable and practical gift for your friend, loved one or enemy.

I design humorous merchandise. Irish cult. From silly and cheesy to filthy and NSFW. Everything is hand drawn, painted or illustrated by me, and then printed onto gifts ranging from functional notebooks, totebags, pocket mirrors etc to cards, prints and decorative plates.
The “OMG thats gas! F@&k it I need to buy this” is my usual response.

Everything is designed locally in my studio, A4 Sounds, just off Dorset Street in Dublin.
The majority of what I make can go into one of three categories:
1. Food obsessed nation (greasy vs turbo healthy)
2. Celeb Obsessed (tacky Irish)
3. Feminist (fiesty)

I will have totebags, notebooks, pocketmirrors, colouring books, fake tattoos, pins/badges , pencils, prints, candles, fridge magnets, stickers, cards and plates! With plenty of new designs, but also designs from the past two years (so don’t worry Nadine fans)

price range | €2 – €25


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