Experience the therapeutic benefits of Yogandha’s wellness oils this Christmas. Yogandha will quieten the mind & elevate your sense of feel good.

Body Oils

  • Yogandha Relax: Rich Lavender and grounding Vetiver to unwind into a restful state & deeper sleep. Induces a state of sublime calm.
  • Yogandha Muscle Soothe: Warm, forestry tones of Ginger and marjoram relieves and revives tired limbs. Deep muscle therapy.
  • Yogandha Detox. Refreshing Lemongrass and cleansing Juniper berry to purify and detox the body and boost the lymph drainage. Feel better right away.


  • Yogandha Ground. Mindful Sandalwood and Frankincense calms, relaxes and soothes. Tranquillity here and now.
  • Yogandha Balance. Divine Jasmine and refreshing Cypress re-aligns at every level. A sensuous experience.
  • Yogandha Salute. Zesty Grapefruit and invigorating Bergamot energises mind and body. Happiness happens.

market dates | Thur 13th - Sun 16th December

price range | €20– €120
twitter | @yogandhaOils
instagram | yogandhaoils


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